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TSC Memo Nov. 2019 – Tape Takes Aim on Unprecedented Data Growth

How To Store An Exabyte Spectra e-book

Spectra Data Storage Outlook Report

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Reducing Data Center Energy with Tape

2019 Tape Roadmap INSIC Report

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LTO Ultrium TCO Calculator

Active Archive 2020 Annual Report

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Quantum Ransomware Solution Brief

OTFormat Specification ver 1.0.0 September 16, 2020

Reintroducing Tape to the Modern Data Center

Comparing Tape and Cloud Storage for Long-term Data Preservation

The Tape Air Gap – The Tape Air Gap Addresses Cybercrime

Active Archive and the State of the Industry

Horison Archival Upheaval 2019

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Horison Tiered Storage 2019

Reintroducing Tape to the Modern Data Center

ACRI-ST Advances the understanding of Earth with satellite data STORNEXT Scale-out storage

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Tape Air Gap Oct 2017

Brad John’s Consulting TCO tool

TSC State of the Tape Market 2015
Tape Storage Council | 2015

ESG Lab Review: LTO for the Next-Generation Data Center
ESG/Vinny Choinski, Brian Garrett | 2015

The Archival Upheaval: Planning for Petabyte Pandemonium
Horison/Fred Moore | 2015

LTFS: Fueling the Tape Transformation
Horison/Fred Moore | 2015

Tape. New Game. New Rules.
Horison/Fred Moore | 2015

Dimensional Stability of Magnetic Tape
University of the Pacific/Brian L. Weick, Ph.D. | 2015